Road To Le Mans 2017: The GT3 and LMP3 cars will be on the track of the 13.6km Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans in front of 250,000 spectators on the morning of the greatest endurance race in the world, the famous 24 Heures du Mans. This 2-hour race, which will be the opening race of the week-end, is a good opportunity for the teams who compete in the Michelin Le Mans Cup to drive in the mythical track of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


”The Raceclub is a motorsport and promotion platform driven under the wings of the Le Mans Cup. In my career as a businessman and racecar driver I learned the importance of stepping up and acting what I want to be. It all about perception.


if you want to be a leader, you need to act like one. Since day one when I got my racing license ten years back, I soon realized that motorsport above all is business, and that cars are driven on “green notes”. This is show business, promotion and networking at the highest level. “


With our entry into the Le Mans Cup Series we have once again stepped up our game entering the world toughest sport car series. Moreover, this is your access a unique scene where the inner circle of international executives meet, wine and dines while their brands are being on display on the Le Mans cars in of front of the hundred thousand fans at the world’s most prestigious GP tracks, at Le Mans, Spa, Monza….”


If you want to be a leader, you need to act like a leader. This is your platform to do exactly that...."



Kim Roedkjaer

Speed Manager - Raceclub


the Le Mans Cup Racing Team - powered by SpV Racing Malaga, Spain.


The Road to Le Mans starts now, in 2017, the Le Mans LMP3 entry program will be at the start at the Le Mans race just hours before the 24H Le Mans. Although we are competing over six races, the Le Mans weekend makes all the difference in terms of sponsor awareness. We will be racing in front of 250.000 Spectators, and 100 million viewers. Moreover, as for all races, the Le Mans Cup offers an exceptional promotion platform right in front of some of the most influential people from all over the World.


We believe in acting what we want to be. We want to win the Le Mans Cup in 2017 in the LMP3 entry level prototype and we will be on the the podium at the Le Mans in the LMP2 prototyope in 2019.


The winning cocktail is an experienced Spanish / Danish driver line up in the Ligier LMP3 car # 44, Alvaro Fontes and Kim Rodkjaer. Most teams are based on the concept one pro-driver and an amateur driver, usually the paying party.


In our case, the concept is somewhat difference. Both drivers are fast fast private drivers, Alvaro is a several national champion, where Kim has comepeted in the top series of the danish league. They are both sucessfull businessmen and business owners. They have the need and the will to win.


SpV Racing is driven by a group of the passionate racing and business people. We have the strongest engineers, coming from places like the F1 Minardi team, from the WRC and other high performing series. On the Management side, the Swedish Pilot and a very sucessfull business man, Lars Lindberg is heading the project togehter with the co owner, Raul Garcia, an exceptional specialist within motorsports.


We hope that we managed to pass on the message. That this is your chance to step up, to build awareness and to develop your network and business relations at the top of international Sports Car Racing and become a part of the one of greatest business and motor racing networks right here, on the Costa del Sol.

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